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Some works are difficult to be sorted. They are very assorted proposals: wine labels, postage stamps, bookmarks... A selection of some of them will be gathered in this section. 

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Aquarium Finisterrae
Wine lables
Postage stamps of
Varied designs
iPod Touch / Tablet
Hércules Tower
Aquarium FinisterraeI am very lucky that I have been collaborating with the Aquarium Finisterrae since the project was started. I make the identification image ...
Wine lablesI believe that I have made some more lables, but these are the ones I preserve evidences about.

In 1994 Streak of Chalk won the Judges Spe...
Postage stamps of "Streak of chalk"In 2004, the Spanish Post Office proposed me to produce a print run of stamps with images from Streak of chalk. The issue consisted of 16 st...
Varied designsI don´t certainly know what I made some of these designs for... There are bookmarks, magazine section images, tribute drawings, a business ...
ImposturesSome "impostures" made as jokes or tributes.
Mural "Rialeda library"Within the "Bibliotecas Ilustradas" (Ilustrated Libraries) campaign, set off by the Regional Ministry of Culture of Galician government (200...
iPod Touch / TabletSome of the drawing applications for portable devices have a very passable level. And its operation as sketchbook or notes in colo...
Hércules TowerDuring the promotion campaign of  the Hércules Tower candidature for Human Heritage (2008), one of the initiatives consisted in 3...
CetaceaHay premios y reconocimientos que, por razones particulares, resultan especialmente queridos.

La CEMMA (Coordinadora para el Estudio de los...
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