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Xabarn undoubtedly deserves a special chapter in my career. In 1994, a new boradcast began in Televisin de Galicia, a Galician Television. It was addressed to the child and juvenile audience, and it would include animated series and own production slots. A very intense and varied musical activity would be developed within Xabarn Club (especially the CDs collection, the videoclips, and the Xabaxiras or Xabarns tours), having nearly every band and muscian in the Galician (and Portuguese) pop rock from those years collaborating with the slot. Around 1998, the club had 100,000 members (and a great number of "pretenders" who did not fulfil with the indispensable requirement of being under 18 years old.)

I have been updating the Xabarns image since then. And I have continuously been making cards, badges, t-shirts, posters, CD covers... for the club, too. Having the possibility of having done all this is a real proud for me.

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Xabarín and the club
Posters and Music
«OINK!» magazine
"Os Vixilantes do Camiño / the comic"(Lit. The Guards of the Way, the comic)

In May 2002, the newspaper La voz de Galicia took weekly the project of the Galician magazine of co...
«OINK!» magazine«OINK!», the Xabarín Club´s magazine is launched. In this section I will show the images I do for the publication.
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