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Miguelanxo Prado in Facebook

There is a supposed "official site" of Miguelanxo Prado in Facebook. I have seen it and, although there is nothing wrong or offensive in it, I dont find it honest to let people who visit it think that the supposed holder of the site (me, in this case) is who is "on the other side" of the communication.

I have absolutely nothing to do with it. And, even, there is a strange drawing presented as mine.

I am grateful to all peple who have registered for their kindness. And I feel sorry about the fact that those who have left a message, in the belief they were addressing me, have had no answer. Or at least so I hope, as it would be too much if someone had done it on my behalf...

Taking for granted that those who created the site did it well-intentioned, Id ask them to state beyond the shadow of a doubt that I myself have nothing to do with it.

Thanks again to those who follow my work.



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