Comic, Ilustracion, Animación, Pintura, Fragmentos de la enciclopedia defica, La mansión de los Pampín, Stratos, Tangencias, Trazo de tiza, Quotidianía delirante, Cronicas incongruentes, Pedro y el lobo, Manuel Montano, Los compañeros de la orde de la piedra, O casi, Acuarios, De Profundis, Men in black, Xabarin club y los vigilantes del camino, El padrino, Ardalén, Xabarin, bande desinée, fumetto, quadrinhos, banda deseñada

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This website is exclusively related to the author and his work. The audiovisual versions of his stories which are now being processed are made by third parties. And the author is not directly related to their production. For any information regarding castings, CVs sending, or any another issue directly related to the audiovisual versions, we recommend to contact the respective production company.

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