De Profundis

In 2001, I began to consider the possibility of making an animated film "alone." Immediatly, Nani García; friend, musician, and composer; enrolled in the project. He did it with a careless enthusiasm, as there was nothing but a statement of purpose. We began to work "seriously" in 2002.

Once the project had the first conprehensive script and the first visual planning finished; Chelo Loureiro, who would end up being the executive producer, accepted to jump into the bandwagon. She managed the participation of both Continental Productions as main production company, and the other production companies and entities that made the project viable.  And she gave us support and unlimited ambition.

The Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia recorded the sound track and played it live in the two presentations that have taken place up to now.

These were four years of "forced labour" and an unrepeatable experience. And I am absolutely certain about what I mean when I say unrepeatable.




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