De Profundis tells a wonderful story; being dreamlike and having its roots in the Atlantic cultures legends, in those villages that come out onto this Father Ocean. It aims to adopt the simple structure of the traditional sories and to recreate the fantastic feelings of the mythological tales.

The main characters are a painter who dreams about becoming both a sailor and a fisherman; and a woman who plays the violoncello. They are in love and live in a house in the midlle of the sea. After drowning during a storm, the fisherman-sailor will be guided by a mermaid along an underwater route. Initiation route, transforming; along which he will meet the sea hunter of congers; the sheperdess of jellyfish; the large cetaceans herd; he will visit the city under the sea...

All these elements make, in a mirror play, an oceanic equivalent to the "heaven" as the location of the "aterlife." An afterlife that had already been added to the painter´s pictorial universe due to his visionary practice, urged by his fascination for the Sea. And the afterlife in the ocean depths that he covers -a part of him- is the one that will enable him, in a fabulous way, meet his beloved woman again.