Historias pendientes

Unsolved stories

There are stories that rely spread on several collective works or temporary publications; or that will be part of books that are still being developed. Some of these pages are gathered in this section.

  • 293big_acordes_de_cristal_1
  • 294big_architheutis_3_orx
  • 295big_as_rotas_da_auga_5
  • 296big_bis_rep_7
  • 297big_caixas_2
  • 298big_cornha_6
  • 299big_esporas_orix_3
  • 300big_leonardo_2_imp
  • 301big_quijote_color_2
  • 302big_silencio_de_oboe_01
  • 303big_sinstro5
  • 304big_tempo
  • 305big_vixilantes_10_1
  • 306big_weimar_03

Los mirlos deslumbrados
The dazzled balckbirds