Camino de Invierno

«Winter Way»

Being Galician, I had not done any of the itineraries of the Camino de Santiago. Gemma Sesar, editor and friend, proposed me to do the so-called Winter Way, from O Barco de Valdeorras, together with the United States urban-sketcher Rita Sabler, to prepare an exhibition in the Museo das Peregrinacións and a book entitled "Camiñamos para parar / Camiño de Inverno", for the Xacobeo 21-22. We did it in September 2022. I'm not going to be original: it was a magnificent experience. We drew and painted as we went along, which most of the time was complicated, but each image is just a glimpse of a lot of unforgettable moments.

Original Art



  • Camino-de-Inverno_01_O-Barco-de-Valdeorras_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_02_Petin_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_03_Montefurado_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_04_Capela-das-Farrapas-Bendillo_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_05_Merlo_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_06_Ribeira-Sacra-Os-Peares-Belesar_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_07_Corvo-mariño-Os-Peares-Belesar_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_08_San-Martiño-Lalin_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_09_Fervenza-do-Toxa-Silleda_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_10_Londra-Fervenza-do-Toxa-Silleda_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_11_Mosteriro-de-Carboeiro-Silleda_WEB
  • Camino-de-Inverno_12_Praza-da-Quintana-Santiago_WEB