In 2008, José Pintado, a researcher in the Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas of Vigo (Marine Research Centre); got in touch with me to propose me taking part in the Proxecto Neuston, in which scientific and artistic pairing were established to make a joint proposal. It would be collected in a publication and a travelling exhibition.

Ángel Guerra, a researcher in the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), has been working on cephalopods -among other issues- for years. And regarding to cephalopods; he´s been working on the Architeuthis dux, the most spectacular and elusive of the giant squids. I had already seen an impressive specimen which was preserved in Luarca (Asturias), and in a temporary exhibition in the Aquarium Finisterrae of A Coruña. I thought it was a fascinating topic for a story. In fact, I already had the main character and his dog waiting on a piece of paper...

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