iPod Touch / Tablet

Digital & Tablet

Digital media have been fully incorporated into our creative processes. Even though I prefer to use natural media, I can no longer do without digital tools at various stages of the process. From very simple preparatory sketches to final colour, from sketches to colour studies or complete images. And the tablet always travels with me.

  • 1022big_muller_nostalxica_a
  • 1025big_merlo
  • 1033big_xogador_de_cartas_ocioso
  • 1034big_xogador_de_cartas_ocioso_cor
  • 1036big_trasno
  • 1068big_garza_branca_cor_bqxo
  • 1266big_home_choutando_2
  • trasno_02_DXT
  • Testosterona_COR_WB
  • moscon_WB
  • avespa_WB
  • libeliña_WB
  • vacaloura_COR_WB
  • gato_29_DBX_DXT_WB
  • Home-con-perezoso_COR_WB