Mural «Biblioteca Rialeda»

Mural "Rialeda library"

Within the "Bibliotecas Ilustradas" (Ilustrated Libraries) campaign, set off by the Regional Ministry of Culture of Galician government (2008), I was asked to make a mural for the Rialeda library, in Oleiros; a municipalty that borders on A Coruña. The building is a magnificent bourgeois small palace from the beginning of the 20th century; work by Rafael González Villar.

The mural is made with acrylics on "MD" fibreboard, and takes a large arch bigger than 4 metres up. It is located in the children's section of the library.

  • 675big_biblioteca-central-rialeda-de-oleiros_2
  • 676big_biblioteca-central-rialeda-de-oleiros
  • 677big_biblioteca_rialeda_xeral
  • 678big_biblioteca_rialeda_parcial_1
  • 679big_biblioteca_rialeda_parcial_2