Etiquetas de vinos

Wine labels

I believe that I have made some more lables, but these are the ones I preserve evidences about.

In 1994 Streak of Chalk won the Judges Special Award in the Sierre Festival (Switzerland.) The next year I was asked to make the lable of a white wine with an image referring to the book. I am absolutely certain that they sent me a 12-bottle box. But the civil servants in custom in A Coruña retained the consigment and persisted in considering it a "commercial importation" for which I would have to pay an exorbitant amount. Either lack of common sense or intention of bothering. Or intention of drinking wine for free... So neither could I see how the lable looked nor keep any of them.

In 2002, the Comune from Montefalco (Umbria, Italy) asked me an image for the label of the harvest of Sagrantino red wine.

And in 2004, I was asked a label for the white wine El perro verde, a really delicious verdejo wine from Rueda.

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