O Loro de Carlos V (ópera)

«The Parrot of Carlos V» (opera)

Nani García, author of the symphonic soundtrack of "De profundis" and a great friend, proposed to me some time ago to prepare with him the opera buffa "O Loro de Carlos V". The project took a long time to crystallize and came to pass through different options of staging. In 2019 the pieces just fit together and the project was launched. I was in charge of the design of the characters (the costumes and the characterization) and the scenery, which we decided to make almost entirely by projection. The experience has been magnificent.
The singers Helena Abad, Borja Quiza and Francisco Corujo embodied the 7 characters of the story. María Peinado was in charge of the stage direction. Diego García Rodríguez conducted the Galician Symphony Orchestra. Baltasar Patiño was in charge of the lighting. Víctor Galdón was my assistant in the video production. Nani García himself and Mª Inés Cuadrado wrote the libretto from Michel De Ghelderode's text.
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